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How Can We Help?

We’ve pulled some of the most frequently asked questions and compiled them into one place. Should you have any other questions that we may have missed, contact us and we will do our best to help you.

Yoga Group

How much will my copayment be?

Payment is 50% pre-payment and 50% upon arrival prior to your consult.

Support Group Meeting

What is your new patient procedure?

At present, we have a waiting list for clients. We are referred clients by a list of medical practitioners, hospitals, therapists and consultations. If we have an opening for an emergency patient, we will contact the next in line on the waiting list. If you feel you are in an emergency situation, please contact 000 or the CAT team. Otherwise, please send us an email and outline what you needs are 

Therapy Session

I don’t have my insurance card with me, can I still receive treatment?

Yes. Upon referral we would have been given your details. We will be able to verify these details with your prior to your initial consultation. 

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